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Career Center

In our 20 years in the recruiting business, we have helped many candidates find their next career move. We apply our tried-and-true methods when we engage in all placement searches for our corporate clients. We can coach you in these same methods to help you in your individual job search.


Resume Critique

Resume Building

Career Consulting and Coaching


In the past 20 years we have critiqued thousands of resumes. Next to the relationships you've developed throughout your career, an effective resume is the key to being noticed and finding your next career opportunity.

In a 1- to 2-hour window, you can be off and running with a new, more effective resume. A resume designed to reflect your strengths and move you closer to your next position.

Resume Purpose

After years of working with people making career changes, we're convinced the single most important factor in creating a resume is to remember its purpose. Your resume should function to create enough interest that the reviewer must call you to discuss your background and future goals. The purpose of the resume is to get calls and interviews, NOT the job. The biggest mistake people make is telling too much.

How do you know when you're telling too much? A big indicator is when your resume is longer than two pages. One page remains the best. If you have 10 years experience or less, one page should be more than adequate.

Content Evaluator

When you are deciding what to include, a good test is the potential benefit of including the data. Then consider, what is the potential risk? Benefits are equal to odds of getting a call and risks are equal to odds of not getting a call. If there is no benefit to your future career, it's just data with no real value; it only increases your wordiness factor. If there is both benefit and risk - which is more important to you? If there is only risk, it must be very critical for you to include it.

Glance Test

The other important factor to keep in mind is that people DO NOT READ resumes. Give your resume the "glance test." The first glance is your resume's first impression. Wordiness means it will take time to figure out what you do. People who review many resumes, which are the majority of the people you are sending them to, simply don't have time to read every resume they receive. They are scanning for key data to trigger a deeper look and more importantly, The Call.

Cover Letters

Yes, they are important! They must be unique and catchy to be meaningful. Let your personality show - bring yourself to life. This is something your resume cannot accomplish and is perfect for the cover letter. Do not simply re-word what your resume already says - that makes you like the rest of the pack. Be the leader of the pack.


Resume Sample


We have developed “The Recruiting Life Cycle” as our guide to developing your unique strategy.


People are the key to a successful organization. To stay ahead of your competition, you need a recruiting strategy.

As a candidate seeking a career change, have you determined your long-term career strategy? You are faced with more choices today than ever. You need to focus on your core values and long-term goals. Don’t let the immediate temptation of more money or varied promises compromise your long-term goals.

We help you determine your long-range career plans and evaluate your choices.


We will develop a profile of you as a candidate and use it as the basis for our search efforts on your behalf. This is where we define your unique strengths, where we identify what will give you a competitive edge.

We apply your profile to your target market and develop a strategy to position your strengths, attributes and criterion to maximize your chances of locating a successful match for your career goals.

We will conduct an ongoing evaluation of your success at obtaining interviews, which will give us the data we need to continually fine-tune your positioning. We are constantly asking ourselves: If a company has 2 similar candidates, what will give you the best odds of getting the offer?


We develop a multi-pronged marketing approach based on your unique career goals. We determine who are your primary and secondary audiences. We plan checkpoints with you along the way to assess your progress and modify the approach if necessary.


A selling interview of quality and depth is key. It is very important that you can measure your interviewing skills and assess your progress. One measure of interviewing success is your acceptance-to-rejection offer ratio. Another would be the number of second interview invitations you receive. We will work with you to establish guidelines and measurements in this area.


We will help you determine what your market value should be. We also guide you through any salary negotiations. In our careers, we have coached our candidates through thousands of offers and have learned how to maneuver this tricky and often stressful process. We can give you confidence and power in your negotiation backed by solid information and experience.


We can work with you on an hourly basis or put together a package that will meet your needs.

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